Nicky Watt

About our founder, Nicky Watt MSc MCIPD

Over the past 30 years Nicky has experienced running her own businesses, had the pleasure of working within multi-national organisations as well as very small businesses.  Working within Private sector, Public sector and more recently Third sector charities, this has allowed her to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Leaving school at 16 Nicky worked her way up the business ladder. Returning to education in 2007 and achieving a Masters in Human Resource Management and gaining Chartered Membership of Institute of Personnel Development, professional accreditation.
A few more successful years in business and HR, Employability and Recruitment, working at a senior level, has driven Nicky to finally tailor her future career and create Wee Scottish Lassie CIC.

Interesting Facts about our founder

What has been your biggest adventure so far?

I had a dream of working and living in Canada.  The loss of friend inspired me to make it happen.  There were always a million reasons why not to make it happen, not the right time, impossible, too many responsibilities, not enough money, mum to 2 young children, home owner, business owner, friends, family, so many ties and so many reasons as to why it was impossible.

The day of the funeral I decided no more excuses I was going to make it happen.  I had absolutely no idea how but I just believed I would.  That day I found faith and the courage to never let fear of the unknown hold me back.

Several months later, with 4 suitcases, 2 children and my husband, off we went to Canada having found a work sponsor.  We spent a year in Canada where I managed a chain of Day Spa’s, lived my dream and worked non stop!  No regrets and a million amazing experiences because I made it happen.

What motivates you the most?

  • Helping people, watching others achieve more than they ever believed they could.
  • Problems motivate me, finding solutions and helping myself and others to overcome adversity.
  • My beautiful children, my goals and dreams for a life that’s less ordinary.
  • I’m motivated to create experiences in life with my friends and family.  My bucket list is never ending, as soon as one experience has been achieved life shows me something else to try.  I’m always learning and pushing myself in some way, making sure the life I have counts for something.

It isn’t going to happen sitting on the sofa watching Netflix – although I do indulge now and again, just to recharge and allow my brain to take a moment.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

 Only one?  Taking my children to Disneyland.

What has been your toughest challenge yet?

Becoming homeless and a single mum with a 6 week old baby was one of the toughest challenges I  have had.  However, it taught me that surviving that means I can survive anything life throws at me.

Branding Trivia

Wee Scottish Lassie branding was inspired by the following elements.  

Yoda – Nicky has on occasion been referred to as Yoda, quite a compliment, giving wise council to those needing support and advice.

She-ra – An inspirational cartoon character of the 80’s that portrayed independence and strength.  Qualities of Nicky’s own character.

The tartan elements of Wee Scottish Lassie are a nod to Nicky’s heritage.

The tri-service chain is a representation of her respect for the armed forces and her personal connection and passion to support spouses.